Participant Quotes
The program has affected my confidence...every positively...when you know what you are talking about you can have a discussion.
My husband used to say, “If you don't to it, I will look for someone else.” Now I say to my husband, “You love your mother and she is a woman like me.” I use the stories to talk to him like this.
My daughter tells me, “I wish you talked to me like this before when I was younger.” I told her that it is never too late.
I loved this program...I used to be really shy...I used to listen but I never spoke...I learned to communicate. I learned how to defend myself. I didn’t want the classes to end.
I was embarrassed but now I lost my embarrassment...now I talk about everything. Before I didn't go to meetings in Los Angeles, but now I go and raise my hand and I say whatever I need to say.


The Power to Speak, The Power to Prevent

Latino Cover Latino TOC

The Latino project is written in Spanish and includes a facilitator's guide. This project includes stories about migration and risk, love, jealousy, pleasure, men who have sex with men and with women, men who have sex with men, infidelity from a woman and man's point of view, child molestation, poor communication between teenagers and between youth and adults, domestic and sexual violence, drug and alcohol addiction and risk, trans-sexuality and basic information about sexual and reproductive health including about HIV/AIDS and sexual rights for adolescents and adults. This program was sponsored by Common Ground, the Westside HIV/AIDS Community Center in Los Angeles, was funded through a NIMH Grant through the CHIPPTS Foundation of UCLA and is jointly copyrighted by Kathleen Cash and Common Ground.

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