Community Narrative Practice (CNP) Programs

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Haitian Sexual and Reproductive Health Project Haitian Project
African American Sexual and Reproductive Health Project African American Project
Latino Sexual and Reproductive Health Project Latino Project
Bangladesh Sexual and Reproductive Health Project Bangladesh Project
Haitian Children and Youth Rights Project Haiti Project
Haitian Environment-Agricultural Education Project Haiti Project
Ugandan Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender-based Violence Project Ugandan Project

Pedagogical Process

In these programs, learning is not a consequence of information transfer but of people's active participation. participants are engaged in learning as they see, hear and discuss the stories and practice communication in the role plays. Learning is a consequence of being engaged in an active educational process engages people in the following ways:


Individual retrospection through storytelling, observation and listening


Collective retrospection through explanation, analysis and dialogue


Sharing through group discussion

Story Story

Social negotiation through role playing, explanation and discussion


Awareness and confidence-building through understanding, analysis and discussion